• SecureAnyBox5 Agent is a system service/daemon that ensures login to the station using the password obtained in SecureAnyBox5. The password can be obtained at the Get Password page or from the Ticket. Configured SecureAnyBox5 Agent works completely autonomously, even without connection to the server. If a connection to the server is available, the SecureAnyBox5 Agent automatically performs station registration.
  • To be sure that you are downloading a version of SecureAnyBox5 Agent that is compatible with your SecureAnyBox5 server, we strongly recommend downloading the SecureAnyBox5 Agent from the Downloads page in the SecureAnyBox section of the web interface.
  • To successfully install SecureAnyBox5 Agent, it is necessary to download the Agent Configuration file (from the Downloads page in theSecureAnyBox section of the web interface). Please download the appropriate configuration file by clicking the configuration name. If the required configuration does not display in the list of downloads foryour platform, please verify that the Agent Configuration also includessettings for that platform.
visual representation


SecureAnyBox agent for Linux

SecureAnyBox agent for Windows