Version 5.5.1

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent records from being moved between Safe Boxes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented selecting a group/tag to set the FDN group mapping to a user tag in the LDAP connector
  • Compliance report – improved user interface
  • New version of SAB Launcher – To increase reliability on some versions of Windows, a separate process is now used for secure desktop.
  • Minor improvements & bugfixes

Version 5.5.0

  • Compliance report – allows auditing the compliance of passwords in records with applicable regulations based on custom-defined profiles
  • A user interface has been added to the Administration to configure the dictionaries used to calculate entropy
  • Added new Use of license report (report is limited to users with assigned licensed feature)
  • New version of SAB Importer 5.12 – now supports import from 1Password
  • New plugin version for Total Commander 5.3.25
  • New version of SAB Launcher 2.8.5
  • Minor improvements & bugfixes

Version 5.4.2

  • Fixed a bug that could cause false positives in the database diagnostics report and improved the display of report results.
  • Fixed an issue in the Windows installer that could cause the configuration file to be overwritten when the installation was interrupted.

Version 5.4.1

  • Fixed issue with uninitialized “Default” agent configuration created during installation of older server version.
  • Fixed password strength indicator on user invitation page.
  • Improved backup. Added the option to set a custom time window for automatic backups, the option to disable automatic backups completely, and the option to create backups manually.
  • New report for database diagnostics checking attachment integrity in administration.
  • New plugin version for Total Commander 5.3.0
  • Minor bugfixes

Version 5.3.2

  • Change in licensing behavior of File manager plugin / CBT client – the license is now consumed only by the initialized user, i.e. the one who has set the access code
  • Minor corrections in documentation

Version 5.3.1

  • New version of SAB Launcher 2.8.2 – fixed problem with special characters in access code when enhanced client encryption is enabled

Version 5.3.0

  • Added enhanced client-side encryption of passcode and record data. This is additional encryption within an already encrypted and secure SSL/TLS connection
  • Added the option of mandatory white envelope creation and the obligation to activate storing the user s private key in the white envelope
  • Added option to manually edit ip addresses of registered stations
  • Improvement of the validity date picker in the card type record
  • Fixed trusted proxy setting for https SecureAnyBox5 server – fixes station registration IP address
  • New version of SAB Importer 5.10
  • New plugin version for Total Commander 5.2.0
  • New version of SAB Launcher 2.8.0
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

Version 5.2.2

  • New audit report to display the number of deleted (in the trash) Safe Boxes, Safe Box Groups and records in all domains in the system
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a newly created user from being deleted immediately
  • New version of SAB Importer 5.9

Version 5.2.1

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent editing encrypted parts of secret accounts
  • Optimization of the process of detecting missing keys, which could be very slow in some cases
  • The EULA can be viewed directly in the app on the about page
  • Minor improvements

Version 5.2

  • Sending notifications now supports SSL/TLS STARTTLS
  • A user administrator can send a password reset invitation to a user who has forgotten their password
  • Fixed issue with permissions for users with SecureAnyBox Admin role when configuring agents
  • Configuring agents is possible by default from all domains (you can still restrict availability)
  • New version of agent for macOS
  • Modified installer for Linux to support newer versions of OS
  • Modified installer for Windows (fixes an issue with installation on Windows server 2022)
  • Minor bugfixes

Version 5.1.1

  • Fixed problem when copying url addresses from record detail
  • Improved behaviour when managing record tags. The system could be slow when deleting a tag used in many records.
  • New version of SAB Importer 5.8
  • Minor appearance improvements
  • Minor bugfixes

Version 5.1.0

  • Added support for synchronizing users from Azure AD
  • Embedded private Java changed to Adoptium Eclipse Temurin JVM (OpenJDK). Minimum supported version is now 8_361
  • Improved record tagging. Tags for records are now selected from a list. Users with the new Safe Boxes Manager role can add/remove tags from the list in the administration section.
  • New user role Safe Boxes Manager
  • Improved and added auditing, fixed problem with auditing of names containing special characters
  • New plugin version for Total Commander 5.0.2
  • New version of SAB Importer 5.7
  • New version of SAB Launcher (improved timeout handling, added ability to disable Windows file encryption for temporary files)
  • Minor appearance improvements
  • Minor bugfixes

Version 5.0.1

  • Fixed problem with uploading HTTPS keystore to configuration
  • Audit enhancements – added logging of user role assignments
  • Added the ability to pin a selected record to the top of the list (the same way Safe Boxes / Safe Box Groups can be pinned)
  • New version of SAB Launcher 2.6.2 – fixed problems that could occur if the connection to the server was interrupted
  • New version of SAB Importer 5.5 – faster search/delete, deleted entries are emptied from the trash, msi installer
  • Minor bugfixes

Version 5.0.0

  • Minor bugfixes

Version 5.0.0-BETA2

  • Published API for removing deleted records from the recycle bin
  • Improved display of licence information
  • Minor bugfixes

Version 5.0.0-BETA

  • User and administration interfaces are separated and have separate logins
  • Redesigned administration interface
  • New modernized look and feel
  • Added support for encrypting large “external” files to cloud or local storage (using SAB Launcher or TC plugin)
  • UI improvements – added filtering. It is now possible to filter SafeBoxes/SafeBox groups based on availability for a selected user, or user label
  • UI improvements – added the ability to sort by additional columns
  • UI improvements – added ability to search/filter Safe Box Groups/Safe Boxes/records by description
  • Improved mobile interface behavior
  • New version of SAB Launcher 2.6.1 – support for external files, redesign
  • New version of Total Commander plugin 5.0.2 – support for external files
  • New version of SAB Importer 5.4
  • New version of SecureAnyBox agent 3.0.4
  • License policy change – please contact your local partner for more information